Posted by Admin | December 18th, 2013

Running with the Bulls USA is an event that fully replicates the excitement, danger, and fun of the running of the bulls in Spain. It is an event that people sign up for because they want to be able to say they’ve done it, because they are thrill seekers, because they want to feel alive. But mostly they do it because it is fun. People who have participated in Running with the Bulls USA can vouch for the fact that it is an authentic experience. Running with the Bulls USA will give you every ounce of adrenaline that you are after. Best of all, Running with the Bulls USA is not a prohibitively expensive event to attend and participate in. In fact, if you run in multiple heats per day, the price per heat will go down steadily. There are prizes for the fastest runners in each heat too, as well as a grand prize of $5,000.